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My contributions include some fantastic print publications including EdgeOfficial Playstation Magazine and GamesMaster, but which you’ll need to buy in the shops or subscribe to enjoy.

But you can also find my writing on the Internet, such as the following:

“Marvel’s Spider-Man hands-on – Mary Jane stealth sections, Peter Parker puzzles, and flipping through New York”, VG24/7 – Hands-on impressions of the first two hours of Insomniac Games’ open-world superhero blockbuster.

“Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – What the Yakuza Studio Did Next”, FANDOM – Continuation of interview with Daisuke Sato and upcoming Yakuza spin-off based on the cult 80s mega-macho violent manga.

“Old Man Faliszek”, Kotaku UK – With a renowned career in both game development and game criticism, writer Chet Faliszek looks back on seminal website Old Man Murray.

“Yakuza Producer Talks Censorship, Japan, and the Series’ Bright Western Future”, FANDOM – an interview with Yakuza producer Daisuke Sato.

“Before I Forget: the video game that tackles dementia”, The Guardian – An early look and interview with narrative designer Chella Ramanan on a first-person narrative game exploring what it’s like to have early onset dementia.

“Dragon Quest XI is going to be best on PC”, PCGamesN – Hands-on impressions with the long-awaited sequel to Japan’s most beloved game series, and how it’s being localised for Western audiences.

“Dark Souls: The Fire That Never Fades”, FANDOM – How one of the greatest games of all time has never lost its allure as players continue to find reasons to return to Lordran.

“Take My Hand: How We ‘Touch’ in Virtual Worlds”, Kotaku UK – Humans crave physical connection and, as games evolve, that may be the next frontier in character design.

“Overwatch needs a Dating Simulator, not a Single-player Campaign”, Game Revolution – Choose your own ship and canon.

“After God of War, It’s Time to Ditch Pre-rendered Cutscenes”, Game Revolution – Spare us the enigma and let the game run in-engine.

“Never Walk Alone: Ranking Gaming’s Best Companions”, FANDOM – God of War’s Atreus is the latest of game companions, but who are the best we’ve had by our side?

“7 of the best games like Dark Souls for PC”, PCGamesN – Dark Souls is a ridiculously high bar to meet, but if you’re itching for a Souls-like, you can do worse than these.

“What Red Dead Redemption 2’s Trailer Tells Us About Rockstar as a Mature Developer”, Game Revolution – By not selling its games on violence, Rockstar demonstrate class and maturity that other developers lack.

“God of War is Good, But It’s No Resident Evil 4”, Game Revolution – Where the last last-gen still feels more groundbreaking than the new supposed all-timer.

“State of Decay 2 interview | How Undead Labs are shuffling away from the horde”, The Telegraph – Q&A with design director Richard Foge of Undead Labs

“State of Decay 2 hands-on | Struggling for survival in Undead Labs’ zombie sequel”, The Telegraph – An exclusive hands-on preview of Undead Labs’ open world zombie action and community management survival game.

“Ni No Kuni 2’s Hero is Young, Naive and Exactly What Our World Needs Right Now”, Game Revolution – how the young protagonists of JRPGs, from Ni No Kuni II to Persona 5 offer hope in our hopeless world.

“The Wonderful Wobbly World of Experimental Gaming Hardware”, Kotaku UK – exploring alternative controllers for games during London Games Festival, including Wobble Garden and Dobotone.

“What Shenmue’s Simpler Open World Can Teach Modern Games”, Game Revolution – the return of SEGA’s cult classic can’t hold up to modern open world sandboxes but it might not need to.

“Why Our Smash Bros Switch Expectations Are Getting Out of Control”, Game Revolution – The Switch is on a roll, but is that ever enough for some?

“The Bittersweet (and Sour) Search for Chinese Representation in Games”, Kotaku UK – As a British-Chinese, examining representation of Chinese characters in games beyond the kung fu stereotypes.

“How SEGA’s Japanese Roots Are Coming Back to the West”, Game Revolution – Better late than never, the Sun is rising again for SEGA.

“Why Bloodborne is the Greatest Game of this Generation”, Game Revolution – FromSoftware’s masterpiece is a game that only comes once in a (blood) moon.

“Yakuza and Masculinity: A Mighty Heart Underneath the Muscle”, Game Revolution – How the Yakuza series unexpectedly subverts male stereotypes and is a lot better for it.

“Why Annapurna Interactive is the Most Exciting Publisher Around”, Kotaku UK – This secretive boutique publisher has only been around for a few years – but it’s already had a big impact.

“PuyoGB: Creating a Scene Around the Japanese Puzzler”, Kotaku UK – A look at how Puyo Puyo Tetris on the esports stage has fared with AnimeEVO and now a UK community hoping to build the scene.

“Get Senpai to notice to you with Playstation at its most wonderfully Japanese”, GamesRadar+ – originally written as Official Playstation Magazine’s ‘In the Mood for’ feature in Issue 142, 9 games to showcase the wonders of Japanese gaming.

“What Japanese games can teach us about Japanese culture”, Kotaku UK – an exploration of just a few things that Japanese games can reveal about the culture that produced them.

“5 silly golf games you can play on PC instead of Golf Story”, PCGamesN – exploring some irreverent takes on the golf game.

“Why haven’t Wolfenstein and Destiny learnt from Half-Life 2’s lack of cutscenes?”, PCGamesN – taking aim at the big blockbuster shooters who keep using cinematics to tell their story.

“Walking Sims need to move on from Gone Home already”, PCGamesN – on why narrative-based experiences can and should do better than just walking into the past of someone else’s story.

“How a Twitter joke inspired 1000 fictional game pitches”, PCGamesN – an interview with Nate Crowley about his book ‘100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed)’.

“Giving Tumbleseed Another Roll”, Kotaku UK – on how this indie roguelike was too difficult and why, following its update, it deserves another chance

“Becoming the Cabaret King in Yakuza 0”, Kotaku UK – indulging in a mini-game playing as the series’ most popular character

“Puyo Puyo Tetris Deserves to be the next big eSport”, Kotaku UK – how this long-awaited puzzle cross-over has all the thrills and skills of any fighting game

“Under the Thumb: The Evolution of Buttons”, Kotaku UK – a brief history of how the buttons we press everyday in games came to be

“The Lost Art of Saving”, Kotaku UK – musing on the antiquated yet often unique and idiosyncratic manual save systems of old

“What a Game’s Trophie’s can tell you about its Players”, Kotaku UK – my first commissioned piece of writing, analysing the player behaviours we can discover from Playstation Trophy statistics.